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Happy New Year from Mully and Eliza

Dear Wildly Ordinary Readers,

As Eliza has shared…ours has been a “wildly Extra-ordinary” journey.  Eliza has been wonderful to work with, and her inspiration to create links to historical events was brilliant.  Anytime she knocks on your door and wants to come in and ask you a few questions, I recommend that you definitely say YES.

For me, the process of living with a spontaneous conversation that was not polished, was a challenge and a gift:  challenging, because I wanted to “perfect” it in the moment, and a gift, because  it can be developed  and refined further if the inspiration and desire to do so become a motivating force.

My deepest hope is that you, the reader, benefitted in some way from reading my story.  May you forgive my and your errors of judgment, and all the human foibles we  contain in ourselves and all humans.  It is quite “something” to become human and aspire to “better” our circumstances and those of others.  I have made  so many mistakes in the process, and can only hope that, in my next life, I am able to bring forward some of the lessons I have learned in order to live and love more clearly.

Looking forward to the next story Eliza brings forward in Wildly Ordinary,  Thank you again Eliza and may 2014 be the year we bring Peace to All Beings.


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Happy 2014! It has been an honor to have Mully as my brave first Wildly Ordinary Auntie to share her story and with a new year will come a new wonderful conversation with Flay. Mully’s story set a beautiful historical context for the many conversations to come. Each Auntie is so uniquely themselves and my conversations with them have and will reflect each of their wonderful personalities. I cannot wait to share them all with you!

A quick update: My life has been insanely full and wonderful in the last few months which means I am still in the editing process with Flay and so it might be a few weeks before I have a new post ready. Thanks for your patience!

I am also starting to redo the other thirteen plus conversations that were lost in the robbery This is a living evolving project and in the year since I started, my life has changed a lot and new questions have arisen that I will include when I have tea with them. I would also love to hear what life questions you have been thinking about? What’s up in your life?

So while you wait for Flay’s story to begin, post your questions in the comments to this post  and you might just read a response.

And most importantly, I want to reflect what Mully said above, I hope that these amazing conversations can be of benefit to you and inspire you to savor the wild and wonderfully ordinary aspects of your life in the new year!

Light, Love and Laughter for 2014!