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Update on the Wildly Ordinary Blog:

In the middle of getting this project up on the blog, my house was broken into and all but three of the recordings of the “tea talks” were stolen. I almost gave up. There are over fifteen women involved and I started the project when I was unemployed and now I work 40+ hours per week. When talking with my housemate about what to do, she emphatically said, “Well if you don’t do it, I will! The snipits you’ve told me are too amazing not to share!”

She was right and so with the willingness of the Aunties to sit down with me again, I am starting over.  This is a living evolving project and so the second conversations will not attempt to rehash what we said before. The first three conversations will reflect my original questions and the rest will likely include new quandaries that mirror our lives presently.  Due to my job, scheduling time to be with each woman is a bit more challenging than before so thank you for your patience as this project unfolds!

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