Mully: The Mother Who Had Already Read the Communist Manifesto

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Mully: I noticed when I was telling you all the earlier stories I said “I was always on the periphery because I was with Cere.” I didn’t resent being her mommy at all! But I think women are oppressed as mothers and definitely were in the 60’s.

Scan 32

I was the stay at home parent, which was the model from those days, There was no other way to express myself, besides knitting and cooking, which are all very feminine. If that had been enough to satisfy me, it would have been different, but it wasn’t. I was already the mother who had read the Communist Manifesto.

I was already this different kind of woman, who had this different kind of energy inside of me. I didn’t know it that well but I needed to move in a bigger picture, or bigger arena. During our time with the Red Family I really began to develop my consciousness around being a woman. I joined a women’s group. They called themselves consciousness-raising groups. We did not wear bras. We were on it!

All women are oppressed. It’s not the mens’ fault. We are raised in a system where women are oppressed and objectified. In my era we were limited in what we were allowed to do because of societal roles and expectations.  I was very conversant on the subject! laughs.

Scan 15 I was on fire with the Women’s Movement! I had my strong beliefs. If you were wearing mascara, I didn’t think you were a feminist. That finite. That detailed.

I had already had my own version of the oppressed experience beginning with my own childhood. Then the men leading the movement and the women baking and passing the cookies through the windows at the sit-ins while taking care of the kids. I was thinking, “This ought to all change!”  I started to write songs about women. The threads of all the exposure I had, solidly resonated for me.

Then one day in the middle of all this, Robby calls up and says, “There is this twenty-six acre farm on an island up here in Washington that is going to come up for rent in February, (it was November), do you guys want it?”



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